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Let's hit the sky and show your business from a birds-eye view.

Drone image of a vibrant cityscape at sunset, highlighting architectural landmarks, provided by Social Dog Marketing.
High-resolution aerial photograph showcasing a commercial construction site, taken by Social Dog Marketing.

We’re Social Dog Marketing, and we’re the top aerial service provider in Sheboygan County. We are a full-service aerial photography and video production company that specializes in capturing photos and videos of our clients' properties. Our services include drone photo shoots, drone video production, drone videography services, aerial video production services and drone photography services.

What We Offer

Aerial photo of a finished commercial solar project, showcasing rooftop solar panels on a building, captured by Social Dog Marketing's drone services.
Aerial Photography  

Capturing stunning images from above, aerial photography provides unique perspectives of landscapes, properties, and events, enhancing visual storytelling with breathtaking detail and clarity.

Aerial view of a large solar panel array in a rural landscape, captured by Social Dog Marketing drones, showcasing renewable energy infrastructure.
Aerial Videography

Using aerial platforms to film dynamic videos from the sky, aerial videography adds cinematic flair to projects, offering sweeping views and immersive footage that elevate storytelling and promotional content.

FPV (First Person View) Drone Services:

FPV drone services provide thrilling, real-time aerial experiences for events, races, and specialized filming needs. With agile maneuverability and immersive perspectives, FPV captures action-packed moments with unparalleled excitement and precision.

Industries We Serve:

Real Estate

Capture stunning aerial views of properties and landscapes to attract buyers and investors.


Monitor progress, conduct site surveys, and enhance project management with detailed aerial insights


Expedite claims processing and assess property damage efficiently with high-resolution aerial imagery.


Document events from unique perspectives, creating compelling promotional material and memories.


Optimize crop management and yield with precision aerial mapping and analysis.

Film & Media

Add dynamic aerial footage to films, commercials, and promotional videos, elevating production quality.

Social Dog Marketing Traveling Photographer

Willing to Travel

While we love serving our Sheboygan community, our passion for aerial photography / videography  knows no bounds. We are more than willing to travel to meet your needs, whether it’s for a destination shoot, a multi-location project, or an out-of-town event. Wherever your story takes you, we’ll be there to capture it.

Social Dog Marketing Lifestyle Photography and Event Photography Drone Services
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